Managing Trustee

Managing Trustee

The motto of our school is – "Disciplined education with care", where your child gets – Continuous relationship, Personalization, High Standards and Performance based assessment, Authentic Curriculum, Adaptive pedagogy, Multicultural and anti-teaching, Knowledgeable and skilled teachers, Collaborative planning, Professional development, Family and community connections, Democratic decision making.

The students of our Citizen’s school are taught to always "Look up". "Look up means that every student and teacher have to set for themselves high standards, goals and aspirations in every sphere of life".

In this era of cut throat competition it is of paramount importance to impart an integrated education to the future citizens of the nation for successfully facing multi tasking. The wheel would also be a true reflection of all these diverse achievements and progress.

"Life Line Education Trust" is a public trust having permission of Shree Charity Commissioner of Gujarat Government and Trustees are well reputed as well as businessmen and well - cultured. They are good hearted people with lots of experience and financial stability. They are committed to make the student's future bright as per their future needs.

Group of well educated & successful businessmen had decided to establish a trust for good quality education in Adajan area with reasonable fee-structure & thier dream cherished in 2002 with excellent and exuberant infrastructure.

Life Line Education Trust has planned future vision for better education with all sorts of amenities and facilities.

We have earthquake proof infrastructure with enough ventilation & educational activities in terms of

  • Fully equipped modern Physics, Chemistry & Biology laboratories
  • Spacious class rooms with full ventilation
  • Vast auditorium
  • Computer lab
  • Spacious assembly zone
  • Music hall
  • Dance zone
  • Karate zone
  • Big & spacious library
  • Play ground with different rides

Our school's motto is to prepare enough proficient Citizen's for demanded future. Considering future's probability we have implimented, "Plan & Execute System" for educational as well as other co-scholastic activities.

It is not our intention to prepare master of all activities but at least child must learn enough about each & every activity & instrument etc. , so child should be familiar with all sorts of contents of the syllabi. Each & every student is encouraged to involve positively in all the activities.

The aim of our school is establishing bright future & welfare of students & to make them dream big and work hard, thus making their dreams come true with

  • Knowledge
  • Job opportunity
  • Broad minded personality
  • Socialism
  • Being cooperative
  • Health & hygiene conscious
  • Business & management skills
  • Courtesy, good manners  & etiquettes
  • Better cultured life
  • Right way of thinking about life & humanity
  • Confidence
  • Skills and perfection of writing, reading & speaking
  • Skills for observation, research, analysis, presentation & communication
  • Discipline

"We promise to provide them disciplined education and necessary care for the same."


  • "Day' Celebration"

    We celebrate different colours & days that promote special fun and memorable learning.

  • "Teacher's Day Celebration"

    Every year we celebrate teacher's day with great enthusiasm.

  • "Republic Day Celebration"

    It is a day to remember when India’s constitution came into force on January 26, 1950.

  • "Independence Day Celebration"

    Independence Day is annually celebrated on 15 August, as a national holiday in India.

  • "Janmashtami Celebration"

    It is an annual Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu.

  • "Navratri Celebration"

    Navratri is a nine nights Hindu festival, celebrated in the autumn every year.

  • "Rakshabandhan Celebration"

    Rakhi is a festival of faith and love between brother and sister.

  • "Diwali Celebration"

    Diwali symbolizes the spiritual "Victory of light over darkness".

  • "Christmas Celebration"

    Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.

  • "Picnic"

    To have fun & happiness with their friends we take our students for outdoor picnics as part of an excursion.

  • "Yoga Day Celebration"

    The main aim to celebrate Yoga Day is to raise awareness and ignite a passion for fitness and yoga among the students.

  • "Science Fair"

    Science fair allow students in elementary, middle and high schools to compete in science and technology activities.

  • "Vegetable & Fruit Mart"

    We set up Vegetable & Fruit Mart in our school premises. One of the wonderful experience of the same was in 2015-16.

  • "Sports Day"

    The students enters into the spirit of the occasion in a grand way with the oath.

  • "Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration"

    The students celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi every year with great pomp and gaiety.

  • "Visit"

    To experience serendipity and synchronicity along with knowledge and to get social.

  • "Annual Function"

    It is an accession of celebration, felicitation, feast and festivity.

  • "Prize Distribution"

    This is the time we acknowledge the talent of student’s position holders.

  • "Musical Event & Dada Dadi Get Together"

    Children enjoy music and fun with their grandparents on the occasion of Dada-Dadi get together.